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Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid Mattress Review

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April 16, 2024



Overall Rating


Flash sale: Spring Sale

Price Range:

£449 – £789

Mattress Type:

Hybrid (foam, memory foam & springs)

Firmness Options:

Number of reviews:


Ratings Summary

Average review:


Motion isolation:


Edge support:




Ease of movement:


Off gassing:


Pressure & pain relief:


Sleeping with partner:




Pros & Cons

  • High Comfort Level
  • Supportive for Various Sleeping Positions
  • Effective in Alleviating Pain
  • Firmness Misalignment
  • Variability in Delivery Experience

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Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid Video Review

Watch the video to see how the Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid Mattress performed under AI scrutiny.

Performance Ratings

Motion isolation

10 customers mention:

10 positive

0 negative

Positive recommendation ratio: 0%

It appears there were no distinct common phrases found in the reviews specifically mentioning “Motion Isolation.” This might indicate a lack of focused feedback on this feature or the need for more detailed analysis to identify nuanced sentiments.

Edge support

3 customers mention:

1 positive

2 negative

Positive recommendation ratio: 33.33%

Similar to “Motion Isolation,” there were no significant common phrases related to “Edge Support” found in the reviews. This could suggest that customers do not frequently mention edge support in their feedback, or such mentions might be less explicit and require deeper analysis to uncover.


205 customers mention:

171 positive

34 negative

Many customers report appreciating the mattress’s temperature regulation, often describing a “floating sensation” and noting the mattress as “extremely comfortable” with “brilliant temperature regulation.” There’s a mention of the foam retaining some indentation, but it does not seem to affect the overall satisfaction. Some highlighted the mattress’s ability to provide progressive support, making it easier to adjust positions. The mattress’s insulation is praised for keeping feet warmer, leading to better sleep and reduced aches. A few customers noted the need for warmer bedding in lower temperatures due to the mattress’s cooling effect.

Ease of movement

164 customers mention:

123 positive

41 negative

Many customers report significant improvements in their sleep quality, attributing this to the mattress’s ability to isolate movement effectively. This feature is highly valued by those with partners who tend to move around or get up during the night, as it prevents disturbances on the other side of the mattress. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the firmness of the mattress, which supports ease of movement without compromising comfort. The consensus is that the product delivers on its promises, offering a solution for those who share a bed and seek an undisturbed sleep experience.

Off gassing

320 customers mention:

267 positive

53 negative

(Unfortunately, the output for “Off Gassing” was truncated due to its length. However, it seems that some customers have noted an initial smell after unboxing the mattress, which is common with new mattresses and usually dissipates over time. Customers have generally praised the comfort and support provided by the mattress, suggesting that any initial off-gassing concerns are outweighed by the product’s quality and performance.)

Pressure & pain relief

9628 customers mention:

9155 positive

473 negative

(The analysis did not yield specific summarized phrases for “Pressure & Pain Relief.” This may indicate that while customers find the mattress comfortable and supportive, explicit mentions of pressure and pain relief were not as common in the reviews, or the expressions of these sentiments might be more varied and less easily categorized.)

Back pain

853 customers mention:

774 positive

79 negative

Many customers have expressed significant relief from back pain since using the mattress, with some describing it as the “best mattress they’ve ever owned” for this purpose. The relief from lower back pain, in particular, has been highlighted, with customers noting improved sleep quality and reduced discomfort. The mattress is praised for its comfort and support, which seem to contribute positively to alleviating back pain issues.

Lower back pain

65 customers mention:

59 positive

6 negative

Similar to the general category of back pain, lower back pain relief is a commonly appreciated benefit of the mattress. Customers who have suffered from lower back pain for years have found tremendous help and comfort in this mattress. While one review mentioned that it did not completely eliminate their husband’s lower back pain, it improved their own condition, suggesting individual variations in experience. Another customer highlighted unrivaled comfort and significant improvement in both lower back and clinical neck pain, resulting in much better sleep quality.

Shoulder pain

0 customers mention:

241 positive

33 negative

Customers have had mixed experiences concerning shoulder pain relief. One customer mentioned that the Octasmart Hybrid Deluxe King mattress did not provide the expected comfort, leading to their wife experiencing back and shoulder pain, prompting a return. Another customer, however, reported a positive outcome with the Octasmart Hybrid mattress, noting that chronic neck and shoulder pain associated with an old mattress was alleviated upon switching. The delay in delivery was a downside for this customer, affecting their overall satisfaction.

Hip pain

369 customers mention:

336 positive

33 negative

There was a specific mention related to hip pain where the customer initially found the mattress satisfactory, but a few weeks down the line, the back and hip pain returned. This indicates that while the mattress may initially seem comfortable, it might not provide long-term relief for hip pain for some users.

Sciatica pain

148 customers mention:

138 positive

10 negative

There were no distinct common phrases found in the reviews that specifically mentioned “Sciatica Pain.” This might suggest that explicit mentions of sciatica pain relief are not as frequent in the customer feedback, or such mentions might be less explicit and require more detailed analysis to uncover.

Neck Pain

104 customers mention:

95 positive

9 negative

Customers have had varied experiences with neck pain relief. One review mentioned purchasing the mattress for back pain relief, finding it to be of good quality and comfortable, though the free pillow provided led to neck pain for the individual. Another customer highlighted the mattress’s unrivaled comfort, noting significant improvement in both lower back and clinical neck pain, which contributed to much better sleep quality. This suggests that while the mattress itself may offer relief, accompanying accessories like pillows might not suit everyone’s needs.

Joint pain

479 customers mention:

452 positive

27 negative

A customer who suffers from joint pain, along with their disabled wife, praised the Octospring mattress for providing the best sleep they’ve ever had. Despite initial skepticism due to past experiences with other mattresses, they found the Octospring to be surprisingly effective in offering pain-free sleep. They described the mattress not just as a product but as an “investment in permanently good sleep,” highlighting its exceptional performance for individuals with joint pain. Another review mentioned the Octasmart Hybrid mattress as comfortable and supportive, noting it isn’t a miracle cure but does provide comfort and support for back and joint pain.


148 customers mention:

138 positive

10 negative

Customers suffering from sciatica have reported noticeable improvements in their condition, attributing relief to the mattress’s supportive features. The reduction in sciatica pain contributes to better sleep quality and overall well-being.


93 customers mention:

91 positive

2 negative

There were no distinct common phrases found in the reviews specifically mentioning “Fibromyalgia.” This might suggest that explicit mentions of fibromyalgia relief are not as frequent in the customer feedback, or such mentions might be less explicit and require more detailed analysis to uncover.


93 customers mention:

355 positive

23 negative

Customers with arthritis have shared positive experiences, noting the mattress’s ability to alleviate discomfort and improve sleep quality. The support and comfort provided by the mattress seem to contribute significantly to the relief of arthritis symptoms, allowing for a more restful and pain-free sleep.

Sleeping with partner

1123 customers mention:

937 positive

186 negative

There were no distinct common phrases found in the reviews that specifically mentioned the aspect of “Sleeping with Partner.” This might suggest that while this feature is valued, explicit mentions in the context of shared sleeping comfort might be less frequent or expressed in varied ways that require more detailed analysis to uncover.


9617 customers mention:

9149 positive

468 negative

Many reviews emphasize the exceptional comfort of the mattress, with customers often describing it as providing a “cloud-like” sleeping experience. The balance between support and softness appears to be a key factor in the overall satisfaction, with numerous customers reporting improvements in sleep quality and reductions in waking discomfort.

over 0 customers are happy with their purchase.

Sleeping Preference

Front Sleepers:

1 customers mention:

0 positive

1 negative

Side Sleepers:

10 customers mention:

6 positive

4 negative

Back Sleepers:

5 customers mention:

4 positive

1 negative

What People Think?


How many people said it was soft, medium, firm and if they said it positively or negatively.


934 positive

163 negative


272 positive

53 negative


2237 positive

579 negative

Improving snoring

Does the mattress improve snoring? 85 said it did.

Is it good for allergies?

Is the mattress hypoallergenic? 43 said it’s good for allergies & asthma.

Does it sag?

44 customers mention that the mattress sagged.

19 0-6 months

5 6-12 months

4 1-2 years

16 2+ years

How many people said they would get another one?


customers mention they loved it so much they got another one.


said they would buy another one.


bought for somebody else.

Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid Prices and Sizing

3607 customers mentioning the price:

3162 positive

445 negative

Super King180x200cm£789

over 6 customers say its worth every penny.

Company – Trial, Warranty, and Shipping


14-28 days

10806 customers mention:

9366 positive

1440 negative

Sleep Trial:

60 nights

11030 customers mention:

9473 positive

1557 negative


20 years

552 customers mention:

295 positive

257 negative


1013 customers mention:

218 positive

795 negative

Customer Service:

3224 customers mention:

2188 positive

1036 negative


You’ll find the mattress on Emma Original, Dormeo S-Plus, Brook Wilde Lux

Final words on Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid Review


had a positive review


had an okay review


had a negative review

Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid highlights:

This is what keeps getting mentioned — 

The mattress is widely celebrated for its exceptional comfort, often described as providing a “cloud-like” sleeping experience that significantly enhances sleep quality. It caters to a variety of sleeping positions with commendable support, ensuring proper spinal alignment for back, side, and stomach sleepers, which has been particularly beneficial for those with back and joint discomfort. Customers have also noted the mattress’s ability to alleviate specific conditions such as sciatica pain, making it a favorable choice for individuals seeking both comfort and therapeutic support.

Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid drawbacks:

This is what keeps getting mentioned — 

While the mattress receives high marks for comfort and support, some customers have reported mismatches in firmness expectations, finding the mattress either too firm or too soft for their personal preference. Additionally, the delivery process has been a point of contention for a number of customers, with reports of delays and lack of communication, which has impacted the overall satisfaction for some. These drawbacks highlight the importance of clear communication and managing expectations regarding mattress firmness and delivery logistics.

We hope this will help you make an informed decision. 

Happy Sleeping. 

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