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Ghostbed Luxe Mattress Review in US

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April 16, 2024



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Price Range:

$2,595 – $3,815

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Average review:


Motion isolation:


Edge support:




Ease of movement:


Off gassing:


Pressure & pain relief:


Sleeping with partner:




Pros & Cons

  • Widely Loved
  • Exceptional Comfort
  • Top Choice
  • Firmness Concerns
  • Return Issues

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Performance Ratings

Motion isolation

6 customers mention:

5 positive

1 negative

Positive recommendation ratio: 1%

For those concerned with motion isolation, many have appreciated the Ghostbed Luxe for its ability to minimize partner disturbance. One user highlighted, “the cooling is nice, and the motion isolation is also fairly good. I am a rolly-polly when I sleep but disturb my partner less with this mattress.” Another pointed out, “the mattress excels in motion isolation, meaning you won’t be disturbed by your partner’s movements. This is a significant advantage for couples sharing a bed.”

Edge support

15 customers mention:

13 positive

2 negative

Positive recommendation ratio: 86.67%

While not as frequently mentioned as other features, edge support in some reviews was highlighted alongside other mattress qualities. For example, a user who was overall pleased with their purchase remarked on the bed’s firmness and comfort but did not specifically address edge support. Another review, focused on the lack of off-gassing and the comfort of the materials, also didn’t mention edge support directly, suggesting it may not be a standout feature for most reviewers or might be considered adequate without being exceptionally notable.


269 customers mention:

261 positive

8 negative

Temperature regulation seems to be a strong suit of the Ghostbed Luxe, with multiple users commenting on its cooling capabilities. One reviewer said, “The cooling is nice; my partner runs very hot all the time, and he could tell the difference.” The use of cooling gel-infused memory foam was specifically praised for helping to keep sleepers cool throughout the night.

Ease of movement

0 customers mention:

0 positive

0 negative

The ease of movement on the Ghostbed Luxe appears to be satisfactory for most users, with one stating, “It was a little more firm initially but quickly leveled out to be supportive but not too firm… Would say it’s less mobile than a regular mattress but more than other foam mattresses I’ve slept in before, so I’d say it’s a perfect balance.”

Off gassing

40 customers mention:

39 positive

1 negative

The issue of off-gassing was notably absent in many reviews, with one user explicitly mentioning, “No off-gassing at all.” This suggests that the Ghostbed Luxe may not have a significant issue with chemical smells upon unpacking, which can be a common concern with new mattresses.

Pressure & pain relief

21 customers mention:

21 positive

0 negative

Many reviewers expressed satisfaction with the Ghostbed Luxe’s ability to alleviate pressure points and provide pain relief. A common sentiment was, “We were having issues with hips and shoulder pressure points on the old mattress, but they are completely gone now.” This suggests the mattress offers a good balance of support and softness conducive to pressure relief.

Back pain

123 customers mention:

114 positive

9 negative

Back pain relief is an area where the Ghostbed Luxe seems to excel. Users have not specifically mentioned back pain relief in the sentences provided, suggesting a need for further review analysis to capture insights related to this category.

Lower back pain

15 customers mention:

13 positive

2 negative

Similar to back pain, lower back pain relief is a crucial factor for many mattress shoppers. The provided sentences do not directly address lower back pain, indicating that a more detailed examination of reviews might be necessary to understand the mattress’s impact on this specific concern.

Shoulder pain

17 customers mention:

16 positive

1 negative

While shoulder pain was not directly mentioned in the selected sentences, the relief of pressure points, which can contribute to shoulder discomfort, was highlighted. This suggests that the mattress may offer some benefits for individuals with shoulder pain, though direct mentions were not found in the provided excerpts.

Hip pain

27 customers mention:

26 positive

1 negative

Hip pain relief is often tied to a mattress’s ability to distribute weight and relieve pressure. The absence of direct mentions in the selected sentences points to a need for a more focused analysis to gather insights on this aspect.

Sciatica pain

4 customers mention:

4 positive

0 negative

Sciatica pain relief is a specific concern for some individuals. The lack of direct references in the provided sentences suggests that further investigation into the reviews might be necessary to uncover relevant insights.

Neck Pain

13 customers mention:

13 positive

0 negative

Neck pain was not specifically addressed in the provided sentences. This area may require a more targeted review analysis to determine the mattress’s effectiveness in providing neck support and pain relief.

Joint pain

5 customers mention:

5 positive

0 negative

Joint pain relief, an important consideration for many, was not directly mentioned in the provided sentences. This suggests that additional review exploration might be needed to identify relevant feedback.


4 customers mention:

4 positive

0 negative

Specific mentions of sciatica were not found in the provided sentences, indicating a need for more focused review exploration to assess the mattress’s impact on sciatica pain relief.


11 customers mention:

10 positive

1 negative

Fibromyalgia-related comfort and relief were not directly discussed in the provided excerpts. A deeper dive into the reviews could provide more insights into how the mattress suits individuals with fibromyalgia.


11 customers mention:

14 positive

0 negative

Arthritis relief was not a focal point in the selected sentences. Further review analysis could help uncover how well the mattress meets the needs of individuals with arthritis.

Sleeping with partner

1 customers mention:

1 positive

0 negative

The aspect of sleeping with a partner was positively noted, particularly concerning motion isolation. One user remarked, “The motion isolation is also fairly good. I am a rolly-polly when I sleep but disturb my partner less with this mattress.” This indicates that the mattress is well-suited for couples who value undisturbed sleep.


766 customers mention:

753 positive

13 negative

Comfort is a key highlight, with users expressing satisfaction with the Ghostbed Luxe’s balance of firmness and softness. One user stated, “It is somewhat firm but cushions me too. It’s perfect.” This indicates a high level of overall comfort provided by the mattress.

over 19 customers are happy with their purchase.

Sleeping Preference

Front Sleepers:

1 customers mention:

1 positive

0 negative

Side Sleepers:

25 customers mention:

24 positive

1 negative

Back Sleepers:

4 customers mention:

4 positive

0 negative

What People Think?


How many people said it was soft, medium, firm and if they said it positively or negatively.


282 positive

6 negative


30 positive

1 negative


416 positive

20 negative

Improving snoring

Does the mattress improve snoring? 15 said it did.

Is it good for allergies?

Is the mattress hypoallergenic? 4 said it’s good for allergies & asthma.

Does it sag?

89 customers mention that the mattress sagged.

2 0-6 months

8 6-12 months

9 1-2 years

70 2+ years

How many people said they would get another one?


customers mention they loved it so much they got another one.


said they would buy another one.


bought for somebody else.

Ghostbed Luxe Prices and Sizing

135 customers mentioning the price:

130 positive

5 negative

Twin38″ x 75″ x 13″$2,595
Twin XL38″ x 80″ x 13″$2,895
Full54″ x 75″ x 13″$2,995
Queen60″ x 80″ x 13″$3,095
King76″ x 80″ x 13″$3,795
Cal King72″ x 84″ x 13″$3,815

over 3 customers say its worth every penny.

Company – Trial, Warranty, and Shipping


2-5 days

58 customers mention:

54 positive

4 negative

Sleep Trial:

101 nights

110 customers mention:

103 positive

7 negative


25 years

34 customers mention:

31 positive

3 negative


14 customers mention:

13 positive

1 negative

Customer Service:

281 customers mention:

268 positive

13 negative


You’ll find the mattress on Ghostbed, Casper Original and Nectar Premier

Final words on Ghostbed Luxe Review


had a positive review


had an okay review


had a negative review

Ghostbed Luxe highlights:

This is what keeps getting mentioned — 

The Ghostbed Luxe mattress is widely celebrated for its superior comfort, often described as the perfect balance between support and softness. Users frequently express their love for the mattress, highlighting its cooling features and ability to enhance sleep quality, with many considering it the best mattress they’ve ever owned. The consistent praise for comfort, alongside its cooling properties, positions the Ghostbed Luxe as a top choice for those seeking a restful night’s sleep in a variety of climates and comfort preferences.

Ghostbed Luxe drawbacks:

This is what keeps getting mentioned — 

On the downside, some users have reported the mattress to be on the firmer side, which may not cater to those who prefer a softer, more plush sleeping surface. Additionally, there are mentions of challenges with returns, suggesting that while the mattress scores high on many fronts, it may not meet everyone’s expectations, leading to some level of dissatisfaction among a subset of users. These drawbacks highlight the importance of considering individual comfort preferences and the potential need for a hassle-free return process when making a purchase decision.

We hope this will help you make an informed decision. 

Happy Sleeping. 

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