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Juno Mattress Review

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April 16, 2024



Overall Rating


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Price Range:

C$399 – C$599

Mattress Type:

All Foam

Firmness Options:

Number of reviews:


Ratings Summary

Average review:


Motion isolation:


Edge support:




Ease of movement:


Off gassing:


Pressure & pain relief:


Sleeping with partner:




Pros & Cons

  • Exceptional Comfort
  • Solid Support
  • Great Value
  • Price Concerns
  • Firmness Discrepancy

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Juno Video Review

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Performance Ratings

Motion isolation

6 customers mention:

6 positive

0 negative

Positive recommendation ratio: 0%

Many reviewers expressed satisfaction with the mattress’s ability to minimize motion transfer, highlighting how movements from a partner do not disturb their sleep. The comfort and support provided by the mattress were also frequently praised, contributing to better sleep quality and reduced back pain for some users.

Edge support

10 customers mention:

10 positive

0 negative

Positive recommendation ratio: 100.00%

While specific mentions of edge support were not found, several reviews expressed overall happiness with the mattress’s quality, comfort, and value for money. The ease of setup and the improvement in sleep quality were also points of positive feedback.


75 customers mention:

73 positive

2 negative

Many customers find the mattress provides a comfortable and quality sleep experience at an attractive price point, though some mention the temperature regulation might not meet their expectations.

Ease of movement

1 customers mention:

1 positive

0 negative

Many customers appreciate the mattress’s ability to minimize disturbances from partner movement throughout the night, enhancing the quality of their rest.

Off gassing

218 customers mention:

212 positive

6 negative

Some users have noted a distinct smell reminiscent of new carpeting upon initially setting up the mattress, although this doesn’t detract from its overall quality for most.

Pressure & pain relief

1967 customers mention:

1933 positive

34 negative

The mattress is praised for its ability to alleviate pressure points, reducing the need for sleepers to adjust their position frequently.

Back pain

174 customers mention:

163 positive

11 negative

Immediate relief from back pain has been a recurring theme in the reviews, highlighting the mattress’s potential therapeutic benefits.

Lower back pain

11 customers mention:

10 positive

1 negative

Concerns about online mattress purchases are common, particularly for individuals experiencing frequent lower back pain. Nonetheless, positive outcomes and relief from such pain have been consistently reported.

Shoulder pain

7 customers mention:

7 positive

0 negative

Customers experiencing shoulder pain have mentioned mixed feelings. Some found relief in the mattress’s support and comfort, helping alleviate shoulder discomfort. Others wished for a bit more cushioning or a different firmness level to better suit their needs.

Hip pain

28 customers mention:

27 positive

1 negative

A significant number of customers report a notable absence of shoulder and hip discomfort, attributing this improvement to the mattress’s support and cushioning.

Sciatica pain

6 customers mention:

6 positive

0 negative

Some users speculate about the mattress’s suitability for individuals with specific conditions like chronic sciatica or those of a certain weight, indicating varied experiences.

Neck Pain

8 customers mention:

8 positive

0 negative

The reviews suggest that the right pillow combination with the mattress is key for those with neck pain. An adjustment period was mentioned, after which sleep quality improved, indicating that the mattress might offer a balance between support and softness beneficial for neck comfort.

Joint pain

20 customers mention:

20 positive

0 negative

Individuals with joint pain have noted the mattress’s ability to provide a comfortable sleep experience. The support and softness seem to be well-balanced, contributing positively to joint health and comfort during sleep.


6 customers mention:

6 positive

0 negative

Reviews from customers with sciatica highlight the mattress’s supportiveness and comfort. One reviewer mentioned significant relief from a pinched nerve and sciatica, praising the mattress for its effectiveness for both them and their partner. Another customer pointed out a desire for increased firmness for better support, suggesting that while the mattress is beneficial, there could be room for improvement in firmness to cater to those with sciatica.


12 customers mention:

11 positive

1 negative

Customers with fibromyalgia have shared mixed reviews. Some have found the mattress to significantly alleviate their discomfort, praising its gentle support and pressure relief. Others suggest that while the mattress offers comfort, additional features or specific adjustments might enhance its suitability for fibromyalgia sufferers.


12 customers mention:

17 positive

0 negative

Those with arthritis have generally appreciated the mattress for its balance between firmness and softness, which helps in reducing joint pain and stiffness. The mattress’s ability to conform to the body’s contours seems to provide the necessary support for arthritic areas, although individual preferences for firmness levels do vary.

Sleeping with partner

125 customers mention:

121 positive

4 negative

Some reviews mention an initial odor from the mattress that dissipated after a few days, but this didn’t seem to affect the overall satisfaction with the sleeping experience.


1986 customers mention:

1952 positive

34 negative

Comfort is a frequently praised aspect, with many customers expressing satisfaction with the mattress’s balance of softness and support. The gentle contouring to the body and the alleviation of pressure points are commonly mentioned, contributing to a comfortable and restful sleep experience.

over 58 customers are happy with their purchase.

Sleeping Preference

Front Sleepers:

5 customers mention:

5 positive

0 negative

Side Sleepers:

27 customers mention:

24 positive

3 negative

Back Sleepers:

8 customers mention:

8 positive

0 negative

What People Think?


How many people said it was soft, medium, firm and if they said it positively or negatively.


656 positive

37 negative


142 positive

9 negative


1114 positive

121 negative

Improving snoring

Does the mattress improve snoring? 5 said it did.

Is it good for allergies?

Is the mattress hypoallergenic? 23 said it’s good for allergies & asthma.

Does it sag?

112 customers mention that the mattress sagged.

2 0-6 months

2 6-12 months

9 1-2 years

99 2+ years

How many people said they would get another one?


customers mention they loved it so much they got another one.


said they would buy another one.


bought for somebody else.

Juno Prices and Sizing

1197 customers mentioning the price:

1189 positive

8 negative

Twin38″ x 75″ x 8”C$399
Twin XL38″ x 80″ x 8”C$449
Full53″ x 75″ x 8”C$479
Queen60″ x 80″ x 8”C$499
King76″ x 80″ x 8″C$599
Cal King72″ x 84″ x 8”C$599

over 12 customers say its worth every penny.

Company – Trial, Warranty, and Shipping


3–10 days

565 customers mention:

558 positive

7 negative

Sleep Trial:

120 nights

565 customers mention:

558 positive

7 negative


15 years

31 customers mention:

30 positive

1 negative


71 customers mention:

63 positive

8 negative

Customer Service:

415 customers mention:

409 positive

6 negative


You’ll find the mattress on Novosbed, Polysleep and Purple Hybrid

Final words on Juno Review


had a positive review


had an okay review


had a negative review

Juno highlights:

This is what keeps getting mentioned — 

The mattress stands out for its exceptional comfort, providing a restful and rejuvenating sleep experience that has been widely acknowledged by customers. Its solid support caters to a variety of sleep preferences, promoting proper spinal alignment and reducing discomfort. Moreover, the mattress is praised for its great value, offering a quality sleep solution at a price point that balances affordability with premium features, making it an attractive choice for a wide range of customers.

Juno drawbacks:

This is what keeps getting mentioned — 

Despite its many strengths, the mattress does face some criticism. Price concerns arise for some customers, who, while recognizing the mattress’s value, find it to be on the higher side of their budget. Additionally, the firmness level of the mattress has received mixed feedback, with some customers finding it not entirely aligned with their personal comfort preferences, indicating a potential area for improvement in catering to a broader range of firmness needs.

We hope this will help you make an informed decision. 

Happy Sleeping. 

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