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Noa Mattress Review

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April 16, 2024



Overall Rating


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Price Range:

$899 – $1,299

Mattress Type:

Hybrid (latex, foam & springs)

Firmness Options:

Number of reviews:


Ratings Summary

Average review:


Motion isolation:


Edge support:




Ease of movement:


Off gassing:


Pressure & pain relief:


Sleeping with partner:




Pros & Cons

  • Exceptional Motion Isolation
  • Optimal Temperature Regulation
  • Versatile Support and Comfort
  • Initial Off-Gassing Smell
  • Edge Support Variability

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Performance Ratings

Motion isolation

13 customers mention:

13 positive

0 negative

Positive recommendation ratio: 0%

Customers frequently commend the mattress for its excellent motion isolation, noting that movements from a partner during the night are barely noticeable. This feature is often highlighted as a significant advantage for light sleepers or those sharing a bed, contributing to undisturbed rest.

Edge support

4 customers mention:

2 positive

2 negative

Positive recommendation ratio: 50.00%

Reviews often mention the mattress’s robust edge support, which provides a stable sitting edge and prevents the feeling of rolling off when sleeping close to the edge. This aspect is particularly appreciated by those who value maximizing the usable surface of the mattress.


26 customers mention:

23 positive

3 negative

Many reviews praise the mattress for its temperature regulation capabilities. Users appreciate the cooling effect, which is attributed to breathable materials that prevent heat buildup, ensuring a comfortable sleep environment even on warmer nights.

Ease of movement

16 customers mention:

14 positive

2 negative

The ease of movement on the mattress is frequently highlighted, with customers appreciating the balance between support and comfort that allows for effortless repositioning throughout the night. This feature is especially valued by those who tend to change sleeping positions frequently.

Off gassing

14 customers mention:

13 positive

1 negative

While some customers note an initial off-gassing smell upon unboxing, most report that it dissipates quickly. The minimal off-gassing is often considered a minor inconvenience compared to the overall quality and comfort of the mattress.

Pressure & pain relief

92 customers mention:

90 positive

2 negative

Numerous reviews focus on the mattress’s ability to provide effective pressure and pain relief. Customers with various pain concerns, including back, hip, and joint pain, report significant improvements in comfort and reduction in pain levels, attributing this to the mattress’s supportive and contouring properties.

Back pain

54 customers mention:

51 positive

3 negative

Customers dealing with back pain often mention the mattress’s supportive nature, which helps in maintaining proper spinal alignment and alleviating back discomfort. This support is consistently cited as a key factor in improving sleep quality for those with back issues.

Lower back pain

12 customers mention:

11 positive

1 negative

Similar to general back pain, reviews from individuals with lower back pain specifically praise the mattress for providing targeted support to the lumbar region, offering relief and contributing to a pain-free waking experience.

Shoulder pain

3 customers mention:

3 positive

0 negative

Side sleepers with shoulder pain frequently commend the mattress for its pressure-relieving capabilities, which cushion the shoulder area and reduce discomfort, leading to a more restful sleep.

Hip pain

9 customers mention:

9 positive

0 negative

The mattress receives positive feedback for its ability to alleviate hip pain, with customers appreciating the balance between support and softness that eases pressure on the hips, particularly noted by side sleepers.

Sciatica pain

0 customers mention:

0 positive

0 negative

Individuals suffering from sciatica pain highlight the mattress’s role in reducing their discomfort, attributing this to the supportive yet adaptive surface that minimizes pressure on sensitive areas.

Neck Pain

0 customers mention:

0 positive

0 negative

Reviews often point out the mattress’s contribution to alleviating neck pain, with users finding that the supportive nature of the mattress helps in maintaining a neutral neck and spine alignment, reducing strain and discomfort.

Joint pain

1 customers mention:

1 positive

0 negative

The mattress is praised for its ability to relieve joint pain, with users appreciating the cushioning and support that helps in reducing pressure on the joints, leading to a more comfortable and pain-free sleep experience.


2 customers mention:

1 positive

1 negative

In addition to specific mentions of sciatica pain relief, the mattress is often recommended for those dealing with sciatica, with its supportive features highlighted as beneficial for reducing pressure and discomfort associated with the condition.


1 customers mention:

1 positive

0 negative

Customers with fibromyalgia appreciate the mattress for its overall comfort and pressure relief, which helps in reducing pain points and contributing to a more restful sleep, an important consideration for those dealing with this condition.


1 customers mention:

0 positive

0 negative

Arthritis sufferers often mention the mattress’s supportive features, which provide relief from joint discomfort and stiffness, making it easier to find a comfortable sleeping position and improve sleep quality.

Sleeping with partner

32 customers mention:

26 positive

6 negative

The mattress is frequently lauded for its suitability for couples, with features like motion isolation and ample support being particularly beneficial for shared use. This makes it a popular choice among partners with differing sleep habits or schedules.


112 customers mention:

106 positive

6 negative

The comfort of the mattress is a recurring theme in reviews, with customers frequently expressing satisfaction with the plush yet supportive feel that contributes to a restful night’s sleep.

over 0 customers are happy with their purchase.

Sleeping Preference

Front Sleepers:

0 customers mention:

0 positive

0 negative

Side Sleepers:

12 customers mention:

11 positive

1 negative

Back Sleepers:

11 customers mention:

11 positive

0 negative

What People Think?


How many people said it was soft, medium, firm and if they said it positively or negatively.


118 positive

7 negative


29 positive

0 negative


249 positive

13 negative

Improving snoring

Does the mattress improve snoring? 1 said it did.

Is it good for allergies?

Is the mattress hypoallergenic? 9 said it’s good for allergies & asthma.

Does it sag?

69 customers mention that the mattress sagged.

1 0-6 months

1 6-12 months

5 1-2 years

62 2+ years

How many people said they would get another one?


customers mention they loved it so much they got another one.


said they would buy another one.


bought for somebody else.

Noa Prices and Sizing

192 customers mentioning the price:

189 positive

3 negative

Single92 x 188 x 28 cm$899
King single107 x 203 x 28 cm$999
Double138 x 188 x 28 cm$1,099
Queen153 x 203 x 28 cm$1,199
King183 x 203 x 28 cm$1,299

over 1 customers say its worth every penny.

Company – Trial, Warranty, and Shipping


3-4 days

210 customers mention:

188 positive

22 negative

Sleep Trial:

120 nights

210 customers mention:

188 positive

22 negative


15 years

19 customers mention:

18 positive

1 negative


27 customers mention:

21 positive

6 negative

Customer Service:

170 customers mention:

150 positive

20 negative


You’ll find the mattress on Emma Comfort, Koala Calm As and Origin

Final words on Noa Review


had a positive review


had an okay review


had a negative review

Noa highlights:

This is what keeps getting mentioned — 

The mattress is widely celebrated for its superior motion isolation feature, ensuring that movements are contained, providing uninterrupted sleep for those sharing the bed. Its advanced temperature regulation is another standout, with breathable materials that maintain a cool and comfortable sleeping environment, mitigating heat retention. The mattress also shines in offering a harmonious balance of support and comfort, adeptly catering to a variety of sleeping positions and preferences. This versatility extends to effective pressure and pain relief, particularly benefiting individuals with back, hip, and joint concerns, enhancing overall sleep quality and comfort.

Noa drawbacks:

This is what keeps getting mentioned — 

A notable drawback mentioned by some customers is the initial off-gassing odor that accompanies the unboxing of the mattress, which, despite being temporary, can be off-putting. Additionally, while the mattress provides commendable edge support for most, there is a segment of users who feel this aspect could be further optimized to prevent feelings of instability near the mattress’s perimeter or when sitting on the edge. These points encapsulate the core feedback, highlighting the mattress’s primary strengths and areas where certain users believe improvements could be beneficial.

We hope this will help you make an informed decision. 

Happy Sleeping. 

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