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Onebed Original Mattress Review

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April 16, 2024



Overall Rating


Flash sale: 40% off Mattresses

Price Range:

$950 – $1,350

Mattress Type:

Latex & memory foam

Firmness Options:

Number of reviews:


Ratings Summary

Average review:


Motion isolation:


Edge support:




Ease of movement:


Off gassing:


Pressure & pain relief:


Sleeping with partner:




Pros & Cons

  • Adjustable firmness levels allow personalized comfort
  • The mattress offers excellent motion isolation
  • Risk-free purchase experience.
  • Some side sleepers find the mattress initially too firm
  • Off-gassing smell upon unpacking

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Performance Ratings

Motion isolation

2 customers mention:

2 positive

0 negative

Positive recommendation ratio: 0%

Customers frequently praised the mattress for its exceptional motion isolation, emphasizing that partner movements were hardly noticeable, ensuring undisturbed sleep. Many expressed satisfaction with the mattress’s ability to support different weights without transferring motion, leading some to purchase additional mattresses for their households.

Edge support

4 customers mention:

4 positive

0 negative

Positive recommendation ratio: 100.00%

Reviewers highlighted the mattress’s edge support, which they found to be surprisingly effective for a foam mattress, preventing the sensation of rolling off. While some desired even stronger edge support, the overall consensus was positive, with particular appreciation for the stability it provided, especially when sitting on the edge of the bed.


75 customers mention:

71 positive

4 negative

The temperature regulation of the mattress received mixed feedback. While some users found the mattress to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature, others mentioned an initial adjustment period to the mattress’s firmness and supportiveness, which eventually led to improved sleep quality without excessive heat retention.

Ease of movement

47 customers mention:

44 positive

3 negative

No relevant reviews found for this category, indicating that this might not be a primary concern or highlight for most users of this mattress.

Off gassing

20 customers mention:

19 positive

1 negative

Initial off-gassing was noted by some customers, describing a chemical smell upon unpacking the mattress. However, this scent typically dissipated within a few days, leaving users to enjoy the mattress’s comfort and support without further issues.

Pressure & pain relief

861 customers mention:

840 positive

21 negative

Many reviewers reported significant pressure and pain relief after switching to this mattress. The customizable firmness levels were frequently mentioned as a beneficial feature, allowing users to tailor the mattress to their comfort needs, resulting in reduced aches and improved sleep quality.

Back pain

206 customers mention:

197 positive

9 negative

Several users reported significant improvement in back pain after transitioning to this mattress. The support and firmness levels were often cited as key factors contributing to this relief, suggesting that the mattress provides adequate support to maintain spinal alignment.

Lower back pain

35 customers mention:

33 positive

2 negative

Similar to general back pain, lower back pain sufferers found relief with this mattress. The ergonomic support, particularly in the lumbar region, was praised for reducing discomfort and promoting a healthier sleeping posture.

Shoulder pain

11 customers mention:

10 positive

1 negative

Users with shoulder pain noted the mattress’s cushioning effect, which helped alleviate pressure points around the shoulders. Side sleepers, in particular, benefited from the mattress’s ability to adapt to their body contours, reducing strain on the shoulders.

Hip pain

15 customers mention:

15 positive

0 negative

Users reported significant improvements in hip pain relief, attributing this to the mattress’s supportive nature. The comfort and firmness levels were particularly appreciated by those suffering from chronic pain, leading to better sleep quality and reduced discomfort upon waking.

Sciatica pain

5 customers mention:

4 positive

1 negative

Those dealing with sciatica praised the mattress for its supportive structure, which helped alleviate their condition. The ability to adjust firmness levels was highlighted as a beneficial feature, allowing for personalized comfort that contributed to pain relief and improved sleep quality.

Neck Pain

30 customers mention:

28 positive

2 negative

Reviews often mentioned the mattress’s role in alleviating neck pain, with users finding the right balance between softness and support. The adaptable firmness levels allowed individuals to customize their sleeping surface to better support their neck and spine, resulting in reduced pain and discomfort.

Joint pain

2 customers mention:

2 positive

0 negative

Customers with joint pain appreciated the mattress’s ability to relieve pressure and provide targeted support. The consistent feedback indicated that the mattress offered a comfortable and supportive sleeping environment, which was particularly beneficial for those with arthritis or other joint-related issues.


5 customers mention:

4 positive

1 negative

For individuals dealing with sciatica, the mattress has been a game-changer, offering the necessary support to alleviate pain and discomfort. The firmness options allowed users to find the perfect balance for their needs, resulting in improved sleep quality and reduced sciatica symptoms.


3 customers mention:

3 positive

0 negative

Individuals with fibromyalgia found the mattress to be a game-changer, offering the necessary support and comfort to manage their chronic pain. The ability to adjust the mattress to their preferred firmness level was frequently mentioned as a key factor in achieving a more comfortable and pain-free sleep.


3 customers mention:

2 positive

0 negative

Users with arthritis have found significant comfort and pain relief with the mattress. The supportive nature of the mattress has been particularly beneficial in easing joint pain, with some users expressing regret for not switching to this mattress sooner due to the considerable improvement in their sleep quality and comfort.

Sleeping with partner

0 customers mention:

0 positive

0 negative

Customers frequently appreciated the mattress’s ability to accommodate partners without disturbing each other. The consistent feedback highlighted minimal motion transfer, ensuring that movements from one side of the bed did not affect the other, enhancing the quality of sleep for both partners.


856 customers mention:

835 positive

21 negative

The overall comfort of the mattress received high praise, with users appreciating its supportive yet soft nature. Even though some found it firm initially, the mattress has been credited with improving sleep quality and reducing aches and pains, making it a recommended choice for those seeking both support and comfort.

over 6 customers are happy with their purchase.

Sleeping Preference

Front Sleepers:

2 customers mention:

2 positive

0 negative

Side Sleepers:

6 customers mention:

4 positive

2 negative

Back Sleepers:

6 customers mention:

5 positive

1 negative

What People Think?


How many people said it was soft, medium, firm and if they said it positively or negatively.


248 positive

19 negative


57 positive

6 negative


820 positive

57 negative

Improving snoring

Does the mattress improve snoring? 62 said it did.

Is it good for allergies?

Is the mattress hypoallergenic? 14 said it’s good for allergies & asthma.

Does it sag?

159 customers mention that the mattress sagged.

149 0-6 months

2 6-12 months

1 1-2 years

7 2+ years

How many people said they would get another one?


customers mention they loved it so much they got another one.


said they would buy another one.


bought for somebody else.

Onebed Original Prices and Sizing

282 customers mentioning the price:

275 positive

7 negative

Single188 x 92 x 25cm$950
King single203 x 107 x 25cm$1,000
Double188 x 138 x 25cm$1,150
Queen203 x 153 x 25cm$1,250
King203 x 183 x 25cm$1,350

over 75 customers say its worth every penny.

Company – Trial, Warranty, and Shipping


10 days or more

257 customers mention:

250 positive

7 negative

Sleep Trial:

125 nights

256 customers mention:

250 positive

6 negative


10 years

20 customers mention:

18 positive

2 negative


15 customers mention:

13 positive

2 negative

Customer Service:

547 customers mention:

530 positive

17 negative


You’ll find the mattress on Emma Comfort, Koala Soul Mate, Origin

Final words on Onebed Original Review


had a positive review


had an okay review


had a negative review

Onebed Original highlights:

This is what keeps getting mentioned — 

The mattress stands out for its customizable firmness, achieved through adjustable layers that cater to diverse sleep preferences and provide significant back support. Its excellent motion isolation ensures minimal disturbance from partner movements, making it ideal for couples. Additionally, the customer-centric policies, including a generous sleep trial, comprehensive warranty, and hassle-free returns, enhance the purchasing experience, offering peace of mind and a risk-free trial.

Onebed Original drawbacks:

This is what keeps getting mentioned — 

Some users report that the mattress can feel too firm initially, particularly for side sleepers, necessitating a period of adjustment or rearrangement of the layers for optimal comfort. Another concern is the off-gassing smell upon unpacking, which, although temporary, might be unpleasant for sensitive individuals. These aspects could influence the initial sleeping experience and comfort level for certain users.

We hope this will help you make an informed decision. 

Happy Sleeping. 

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